Gitta's remains a family affair - it is simply that our family continues to grow.
The following people provide Gitta's customers with the expertise and friendly customer
service they have come to rely on at Gitta's Charted Petit Point.

Gitta Al-basi

Owner, stitcher, framer, and petit point instructor. She opened the store in 1986 after establishing the company only two years before. Gitta ran the store on her own for many years while her daughters attended University. As the store's popularity grew, Gitta's was frequented from customers as far away as Bowmanville, Barrie, and St. Catherine's. The store has also had many foreign visitors from England, Germany, Australia, and the United States.
   Gitta passed away in June 2013, after battling cancer for the second time. She will forever be remembered by her husband, brother and sister, daughters, son-in-laws, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and the many friends she made at the store which bears her name.

Kathrin Ellison

Owner, stitcher, framer, and petit point instructor. Kathrin began stitching at the age of 11, and over the years has acquired many stitching techniques. Her first love, however, is still petit point. She instructs stitching techniques at the store & consumer shows, and both instructs petit point & promotes Gitta's designs (with the help of her husband) at industry trade shows.

Monika Juengel

Monika, a stitcher for over 35 years, brings to Gitta's her vast knowledge of cross-stitching, petit point, samplers and trade show experiences. Currently, Monika is a integral part of the team with her assistance in the shop and mail order. Our framing services have also greatly benefited from Monika's artistic flair. Her hand-painted mats will add an additional touch to any artwork. Drop by the shop to see for yourself!

David Ellison

David joined the design team not long after meeting Kathrin. Having great artistic creativity he is responsible for the Inuit series, The Old Mill, The Schnauzer, and the Puppies. He is currently working on a Kitten design to compliment the Puppies.

Sarah Ellison

Our webmaster who watches over our website and is constantly updating the content. She is a graduate of the York/Sheridan Design program.

Ietje Jackovich

Ietje (pronounced Eka) brings a vast knowledge of stitching, canvas work, and trade show experiences as a member of the local stitching guilds in Mississauga and Toronto. Ietje is also an instructor at Gitta's and a designer of canvas work, her most well known designs being a large and small Kimono. Currently, Ietje is busy on her next projects for the new year! She also teaches a class in which you create your own fabric box.

Mary Stewart

Mary has been with Gitta's for several years, and is a member of the Toronto stitchery guild. She brings with her lifetime knowledge of stitching techniques. She focuses on both instructing and customer service. Mary instructs the yearly class project by "Just Nan", as well as sampler stitching by "Thea Dueck", and canvas stitchery by Rainbow Gallery.

Nancy Cline

Nancy teaches a workshop, titled ornament finishing. She has a wonderful creativity and experience when it comes to her ornaments. Every one leaves her workshop with a sense of confidence and a desire to create more.


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