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Portrait Designs

Although Gitta's designs were created for petit point or needlepoint, they also look good in cross-stitch.  This is possible as petit point incorporates only full stitches; there are no 1/4 stitches or backstitching in these designs. 

Please note that the models shown are the actual stitched design.


G-532 Initial Carver


Leaflet $20.00
G-532 Initial Carver Kit $85.00

G-110 Amy 

Leaflet $18.00


G-109 The Lovers

264x375 stitches 

Leaflet $27.00
G-109 The Lovers Kit $105.00

G-108 Madonna Della Strada

156x190 stitches 

Leaflet $19.00
Madonna Della Strada Kit $75.00


G-107 The Couple

93x164 stitches 

Leaflet $8.00
The Couple Kit $26.00

G-106 Lady

93x138 stitches 

Leaflet $9.00
Lady Kit $38.00


G-105 Gentleman

77x153 stitches 

Leaflet $9.00
Gentleman Kit $38.00

G-104 Night Watchman

90x175 stitches


Leaflet $9.00
Night Watchman Kit $38.00


G-103 Romeo & Juliet

90x175  stitches 

Leaflet $9.00
Romeo & Juliet Kit $38.00

G-102 Mountain Wife

 160x210 stitches


Leaflet $10.00
Mountain Wife Kit $48.00


G-101 Mountain Man

160x210 stitches 

Leaflet $10.00
Mountain Man Kit $48.00

G-007 Afternoon Stories

190x240 stitches


Leaflet $19.00
Afternoon Stories Kit $69.00


G-006 Evening Serenade

150x230  stitches 

Leaflet $14.00
Evening Serenade Kit $49.00


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