Alleviate that pain and cramping associated with hand and wrist fatigue, by purchasing the original, support for your hands


Hand and Wrist Support Gloves

    Sold in pairs. Support gloves to provide mild therapeutic support to the hands and wrists. Wear for activities such as:
  • Sewing and Quilting
  • Crafts
  • Repetitive Motions or Tasks
  • Sports Enthusiasts

Black (Sm) $28.95
Black (Md) $28.95

Burgundy (Sm) $28.95
Burgundy (Md) $28.95

Pink (Sm) $28.95
Pink (Md) $28.95

Pink and Black (Md) $28.95

Pink Zebra (Md) $28.95

Red (Lrg) $28.95

Tan (Md) $28.95

Tiger (Sm) $28.95
Tiger (Md) $28.95

Wrist Wrap

These gloves provide extra wrist support for activities such as typing and computer work. Sold individually.

Black (Md) $19.95

Leopard (Sm) $19.95
Leopard (Md) $19.95

Red (Sm) $19.95
Red (Md) $19.95

Partially Fingered Gloves

Extended finger support. Open fingertips allow tactile sensation. Gripping lines help machine quilters guide material through
their machines or help grip the handles of (Lrg) commercial quilting machines. Sold in pairs.

Tan (Md) $32.95

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