stitch bow
Stitch Bows pk10 $2.95

stitch bow binder insert
Stitch Bow Binder Insert $4.95

U1636 Stitch Bow Mini Needlework Travel Bag
Stitch Bow Mini Needlework Travel Bag  $21.95

Stitch Bow Stage Binder $19.95

floss number stickers
DMC Floss Number Stickers  $2.95

plastic bobbins
Plastic Floss Bobbins pk28  $2.49

Magnetic Needle Case  $11.95

DMC cardboard floss bobbins
DMC Cardboard Floss Bobbins
 pk of 56  $2.95


floss away bags 100
Floss-A-Way 100 Bags  $13.95

floss-away- 36 pk
Floss-A-Way 36pk with 1" ring  $8.95

3inch metal ring
3 inch Metal Ring $2.95

floss away bags with ring
Floss-A-Way 100 Bags with Ring  $15.95

Thread & Floss Separators

Do your threads have separation anxiety? These Thread Separators by Puffin & Company are the perfect Needlecraft Tool for
your needlework, sewing or quilting basket. You will be amazed at how easy it is to keep those strands in line with no tangles or knots!
Click here to see how this great Needlecraft Tool works.

Heart $27.95

Sheep $27.95

Heart with Peace Dove $26.95

Heart with Kitties $26.95

Heart with Butterfly $26.95


FLO Butterfly Floss Organizers $3.95

Thread Organizer with Cutter $8.95
(Has 32 holes for threads. 1" wide x 7")

Thread Drops $12.95
30 pieces plus ring

Pako Needle Organizer $39.95

beadalon beeswax 216S010
Beadalon Beeswax $4.95
PN-3P Thread Project Card
Thread Project Card (3/pack) $6.95

Thread Magic $14.95
(thread conditioner)
Dritz Beeswax  $4.95

CDA Floss Organizer $15.95
Holds 36 colours - Simply tuck in thread and easily pull out those needed, no looping. Poke threaded needle beside matching thread colour.
master card
Master Cards $3.95

Needleholder Card $5.95

Project Cards $4.95

large floss organizer
Large Floss Organizer $8.95

small floss organizer
Small Floss Organizer $5.95

Yarn Organizer - holds 20 colours $19.95

4004AB - Art Bin
Art Bin  $11.95
Unique cardboard floss bobbins pk 25
Cardboard Floss Bobbins (pk 25)  $1.79

Unique plastic floss bobbins pk 30
Plastic Floss Bobbins (pk 30) $2.49

DMC Bobbin Winder $2.95

Cardboard Floss Bobbins (pk 50) $2.75
Art Bin 6847at
Storage Bin  $15.95

Art Bin
Art Bin  $14.95

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