All kits include 14ct aida and DMC floss

Rabbit and Butterfly $48.95
(30cm x 35cm)

Hydrangea & Raspberry $79.95
(34cm x 37cm)

Scottish Thistle $64.95
(26.5cm x 29cm)

Spring Crocuses $32.95
Design Size 25 x 15.5cm (10" x 6.25")

Early Snowdrops $32.95
Design Size 25 x 19cm (10" x 7.5")

Peonies $64.95
(34.5cm x 27cm)

Bright Underwater Life $58.95

Stormy Sea $58.95
Design Size 25 x 25cm (10" x 10")

Cat's Dream $29.95
Design Size 19.5 x 16.5cm (7.75" x 6.25")

Still Life $72.95
(27cm x 35cm)

Still Life with Tulips $58.95
(24cm x 24cm)

Seaside Beauty $52.95
(34cm x 25.5cm)

Red-haired Girl $22.95
(10cm x 13cm)

Portrait of Woman in Hat $22.95
(10cm x 13cm)

Portrait of Girl $22.95
(10cm x 13cm)
The Gate in the Town
The Gate In The Town kit $38.95
Glamorous Women in Fabulous Places (pt1) kit $62.95
Patio kit $38.95
Castle courtyard R139
Castle Courtyard kit $38.95
Delicate wicket
Delicate Wicket kit $38.95
Tracery Gates
Tracery Gates kit $38.95

1 Remaining

Spring in Venice $54.95
(27cm x 23cm)

In the Bay 1 $60.95
(14cm x 39cm)

In the Bay 2 $60.95
(14cm x 39cm)
Buzzed $15.95
(11cm x 11cm)

Upsy Daisy $19.95
(14cm x 17cm)

Ahoy! $19.95
(14cm x 17cm)

Lion $8.95
(5cm x 5cm)

Truck $8.95
(5cm x 5cm)

I Fly Wherever I Want to $21.95
(12.5cm x 12.5cm)

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