Windermere Angel $15.95

Snow Angel $15.95

The Nativity Collection $56.95
(Frame may be special ordered upon request)

 Charmers complete stitchery kit, with chart, instructions, floss, fabric, needle, and floss sorter. Kits $9.95

L-123 Rose Bouquet

L-124 Vilet fancy

L-126 Blueberries

L-137 Snips & Snails

L-138 Sugar & Spice

L-144 Poppies

L-145 Anemonies

L-146 Pansies

L-147 Pink Roses

Twenty-four adorable little 4x4 inch (10x10cm) designs make this collection one of the most popular we've ever done!  Add the fact that these designs are sold as complete kits, including fabric, 100% cotton floss, needle, and complete instructions.

Kits $7.95

K-1 Anemonies

K-2 Fuschia

K-3 Poppies

K-4 Pansy

K-5 Calla Lilly

K-6 Morning Glory

K-7 Foxglove

K-8 Carnation

K-9 Thistle

K-10 Geranium

K-11 Nasturtium

K-12 Cyclamen

K-13 Sunflower

K-14 Auricula

K-15 Iris

K-16 Day Lily

K-17 Bluebell

K-18 Rose

K-19 Columbine

K-20 Dogwood

K-21 Petunia

K-22 Honeysuckle

K-23 Sweet Pea

K-24 Violets

Twenty-four more adorable designs to stitch and love!  These terrific designs stitch quickly, yet are detailed and beautifully shaded. Carolyn's Meadow designs are only available as complete stitchery kits, containing the instructions, fabric, floss, needle, and a floss sorter.

Kits $7.95

K-25 Primrose

K-26 Periwinkle

K-27 Dogwood

K-28 Red Clover

K-29 Wood Anemone

K-30 Lady Slipper

K-31 Chicory

K-32 Wild Pansy

K-33 Red Campion

K-34 Heather

K-35 Scarlet Pimpernel

K-36 Buttercup

K-37 English Daisy

K-38 Cranesbill

K-39 Cornflower

K-40 Lupine

K-41 Yellow Flag

K-42 Vetch

K-43 Comfrey

K-44 Maiden Pink

K-45 Ground Ivy

K-46 Pheasant's eye

K-47 Gentian

K-48 Bittercress

Stitch count is 60 h x 60 w, framed size is 5 x 5 inches. Available as either a full kit for $14.95 or a leaflet only for $7.95
The complete stitchery kit, contains aida, floss, instructions, and a needle. Easy-to-read chart.

KL-200 Hydrangea LFT

KL-202 Daffodil KIT
KL-202 Daffodil LFT

KL-203 Magnolia KIT

KL-204 Pelargonium LFT

KL-205 Sweet William KIT

KL-206 Snapdragon KIT

KL-208 Crocus KIT

KL-209 Rhododendron KIT

KL-210 Chrysanthemum KIT

KL-211 Wisteria KIT

KL-213 Dutch Iris LFT

KL-216 Marigold KTI

KL-217 Lily KIT

KL-218 Forget-Me-Not LFT

KL-219 Peony LFT

KL-220 Tulip LFT


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