These designs are discontinued. Only a few remain in stock.

Janie Hubble has brought a new twist to our industry.  Being a professional graphics designer,  educated  in the arts, and having discovered the wonderful world of cross stitch about 15 years age,  we today see the result of her artistic soul.  She herself believes that all her training, interests, and life experiences would blend together and lead her to where she should be. 

Having met Janie personally in Nashville, one cannot help but fall in love with her designs.  They inspire us to live, love, and stitch.

Birds of a Feather   $ 19.95

Pattern for Dilly bag and stitching accessories.  Full finishing instructions

Indian Dreams      $ 17.95

Box top with inspirational hidden message and sewing accessories. Full finishing instructions

Fir Tree Mountain

Stitching accessories with

an oriental flair

Pattern with finishing instructions

$ 12.95


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