DMC  Designs - Sampler Collection & Flower Fairies

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DMC Sampler Collection - Girl Sampler  $ 15.95

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Cicely Mary Barker's drawings combined with her poetry made learning   about plants a wonderful  experience, for both child and adult!   Her illustrations of flowers and plants are botanically accurate, but it is the fairy  showcased in each picture, which invites us to delight in the wonderment of nature!

  has charted this beautiful collection of Flower Fairies.

Out of Print Charts

Shirley Poppy Fairy, Chicory Fairy, Red Clover Fairy, and Apple Blossom Fairy

Each Chart has a stitch count of  147 x 197 stitches

Stitched on:

Design size


Fabric size required

32ct Linen (2 over 2) /16ct aida

9 1/4" x 12 1/2"

16" x 19"

28ct Linen (2 over 2) /14ct aida

10 1/2" x 14"

17" x 20"


Chart Price for each   $18.95

The Candytuft Fairy The Crocus Fairies
Apple Blossom Fairy

The Apple Blossom Fairy
The Rose Fairy
Chicory fairy

Elderberry Fairy

The Chicory Fairy
The Elderberry Fairy
The Wild Rose Fairy


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