Jeannette's samplers are loved by all, with her many uses of various fibers and a multitude of fun stitches.

Every row new and exciting.

As we look at new fastly approaching 2017, we as Canadian stitchers are looking for Canadian themed projects to commemorate Canada's 150th Birthday Celebration. We have created a Canadiana page to showcase existing charts available and those specifically designed for next year. Jeannette Douglas has done just that, and we are thrilled to carry these designs in the shop. Jeannette's newest designs will be available starting in January, however, if you would like to reserve your copy, please let us know, as we will be ordering a limited quantity.

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #1 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #2 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #3 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #4 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #5 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #6 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #7 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets Needle Nanny #8 $17.95

Canadian Patriotic Snippets

Set of all 12 designs
The Snippets with be sold as 6 sets of 2 charts each chart of 2 designs is $12.95. These charts can either be stitched as pincushions or all together into a 12 part Sampler.

Snippet #1 and #2 $12.95
Snippet #3 and #4 $12.95
Snippet #5 and #6 $12.95
Snippet #7 and #8 $12.95


PrePay for your copy of the complete set for $77.95
(To be shipped every two months. Those available at time of order will be shipped immediately.)

Extra items available to further commemorate Canada's 150th celebration:
Canadian Themed Pins $13.95
by Just Another Button Company

(sold in a set of 2)
Canadian Patriotic Snippets Gift Box

The Canadian Patriotic Snippets can also be purchased as a Gift Box - Regularly $225.00, it is being offered as a special 150th Birthday celebration for $185.00

All the necessary supplies will be beautifully presented in a Kraft box with packing that make it a celebratory project. The supplies include:

Linen: in your choice of either #1 32 ct. Flax, #2 36 ct Flax, #3 32 ct Parisian Taupe, #4 36 ct Parisian Taupe

Threads: they are all Gentle Art or Weeks Dye Works threads, some Threadworx, and Metallics presented as follows: a ring with 1 -8yd card of a Threadworx colour, 7 colours of 5 yds each, this being most of the reds, and a floss card labelled and carded with the threads where 5 yds was excessive.

Vimy Ridge Sampler (chart) $22.95
(DMC substitutes are listed inside)

Embellishment Pack $74.95
(The silk threads are sorted on a floss card rather than in bundles)

Vintage Birds Leaflet $18.95

Quilt Box chart $16.95

The Mighty Acorn $18.95
The Mighty Acorn Embellishment Pack $78.95

Roses and Acorns Sampler $19.95
Embellishment Pack $86.95

Potpourri of Stitches $18.95
Embellishment Pack $52.95

Happy Acorn Sampler $16.95
Accessory Pack $35.95

A Banner Occasion Leaflet $14.95
Embellishment pack $23.95

Acorn Shaker Box $11.95
(pattern only)

Christmas Sampler $48.95
Accessory Pack $84.95

The Common Thread $24.95
Accessory Pack $64.95

Over the River $33.95
Accessory Pack $84.95

Pins & Needles Keep & Finger Pin Roll $17.95
pattern & silks

Winter Deer - leaflet $11.95
Accessory Pack $23.95

Autumn Acorn - leaflet $11.95
Accessory Pack $23.95

The Summer Flower - leaflet $11.95
Accessory Pack $23.95

The Spring Bird - leaflet $11.95
Accessory Pack $23.95

Pins & Needles $25.95
Colourway 1 (Purple & teal): Accessory Pack $26.95
Colourway 2 (Blue & Green): Accessory Pack $26.95

Hollandse Merklap - leaflet $25.95
Accessory Pack $89.95

O Canada True North Strong - leaflet $25.95
Accessory Pack $82.95

English Rose - leaflet $25.95
Accessory Pack $89.95

Be Jolly Needleroll $16.95
Accessory Pack $32.95
(includes all specialty fibres and buttons)

Be Merry and Bright $18.95
(includes pattern, fibres, and charm)

Happy Acorn Fall Accessories $16.95
Accessory Pack $56.95
(includes Specialty fibres, 2 pieces of wool felt, Natural trim, all buttons and charms)

Take Time to...

15th Anniversary Edition

Take Time to Stitch (leaflet) $11.95
Accessory Pack $20.95

Take Time for Love $11.95
Accessory Pack $20.95
Take Time To Quilt - Autumn
Take Time to Quilt - Autumn (leaflet) $10.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $19.95
Take Time To Quilt - Spring
Take Time to Quilt - Spring (leaflet) $10.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $19.95
Take Time To Quilt - Summer
Take Time to Quilt - Summer (leaflet) $10.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $19.95
Take Time To Quilt - Winter
Take Time to Quilt - Winter (leaflet) $10.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $19.95
Take Time to Collect
Take Time to Collect (leaflet)  $12.95
Fibre pack  $27.50
take time to read
Take Time to Read $12.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 18.95
take time to read
Take Time for Friends (leaflet) $12.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 22.95
Take Time to Scrapbook
Take Time to Scrapbook (leaflet) $12.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 20.95
Take Time To Stitch
Take Time to Stitch (leaflet) $ 12.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $ 19.95
Take Time To Stitch Too
Take Time to Stitch too (leaflet) $ 12.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $ 23.95
Take Time To Knit
Take Time to Knit (leaflet) $ 12.95
Thread Embellishment pak  $ 36.95


Mini Pumpkin Stitches
Mini Pumpkin Stitches $15.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 22.95
Mini Pumpkin Stitches
Mini Vintage Grapes Stitches $15.95
Strawberry Stitches
Strawberry Stitches  Leaflet  $17.95
Embellishment Pkg $42.95
Pumpkin Stitches
Pumpkin Stitches $16.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 44.95
Bee Stitches
Bee Stitches  Leaflet  $16.95
Embellishment Pkg  $54.95
Apple Stitches
Apple Stitches $16.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 44.95
Pineapple Stitches
Pineapple Stitches $16.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 41.95
autumn stitches
Autumn Stitches  $10.95
winter stitches
Winter Stitches  $10.95
spring stitches
Spring Stitches  $10.95
Embellishment packs $ 18.95 (includes all silks and charms)
summer stitches
Summer Stitches  $10.95
Embellishment packs $ 18.95 (includes all silks and charms)


Spring Quaker
Spring Quaker Pincushions
(Full kit with buttons)
Mustard  $16.95
Pink  $16.95
Blue  $16.95
Christmas Quaker PincushionsChristmas Quaker Pincushions $12.95
Embellishment Pkg $38.95
Halloween Quaker PincushionsHalloween Quaker Pincushions $12.95
Embellishment Pkg $38.95
JD113 Quaker Pincushions
Quaker Pincushions  $12.95

Embellishment Pkg $39.95
quaker stitches
Quaker Stitches  $15.95
Embellishment Pkg $28.95
JD111 Mini Quaker Stitches w/thread
Mini Quaker Stitches with Thread  $12.95


spring biscornu stacker
Autumn Biscornu Stacker Chart $12.95
spring biscornu stacker
Spring Biscornu Stacker Chart $12.95
summer biscornu stacker
Summer Biscornu Stacker Chart $12.95
winter biscornu stacker
Winter Biscornu Stacker Chart $12.95
pineapple biscornu
Pineapple Biscornu $ 16.95
Thread Pack and Embellishments $ 32.95

Christmas Sampler
Christmas Sampler (leaflet) $23.95
Winter White Fibre Pack $36.95
Au Naturale Fibre Pack $29.95
Alphabet Annie
Alphabet Annie $10.95
Nimble Netty
Nimble Netty $10.95
Prim Penny
Prim Penny $10.95
Numero Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $55.95
Buttons Pkg $16.95
Numero Vintage Pillows
Numero Vintage Pillows $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $49.95
Once Upon a Tree
Once Upon a Tree Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $44.95
Garden Secrets Autumn
Garden Secrets Autumn $22.95
Isle of Hope - Ellis Island
Isle of Hope - Ellis Island Sampler $19.95
Embellishment Pkg $56.95
Isle of Hope Accessories
Isle of Hope Accessories $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $38.95
Tag Trio Threads
Tag Trio Threads $24.95
Tag Board $8.95
tag trio scissors
Tag Trio Scissors  $16.95
Tag Board $8.95
Tag Trio pins and needles
Tag Trio Pins and Needles  $21.95
Tag Board $8.95
My Story  $17.95
Canadian flag chart included
Embellishment Pak  $55.95
my storybook
My Storybook  $15.95
Canadian flag chart included
Embellishment Pak  $44.95
(Includes wool swatches for needles)
Charms $26.95
JD107 Three pines sampler
Three Pines Sampler  Leaflet  $16.95
Embellishment Pkg  $46.95

jd108 3 Pines Accessories
Three Pines Accessories Leaflet  $16.95
Embellishment Pkg  $53.95
3 Pines Waxer  $6.95
3 Pines Thread/Ruler Palette  $10.95
two rabbits
Two Rabbits  $7.95
five ladybugs
Five Ladybugs  $7.95
one sunflower
One Sunflower  $7.95
one key
One Key  $7.95
(Garden Series 1st of 9)
two tulips
Two Tulips  $7.95
(Garden Sergies 2nd of 9)
Four Seasons Sampler
The Four Seasons Sampler (leaflet)  $23.95
Fibre pack  $89.95
Four Seasons Accessories
The Four Seasons Accessories $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $44.95
JD112 Vintage Stars
Vintage Stars  Leaflet  $12.95
Embellishment Pkg  $22.95
Thistle Lavender Bag and Accessories  $15.95
royalty abc sampler
Royal ABC Sampler  $22.95
Embellishment Pkg $59.95
royalty abc accessories
Royalty ABC Accessories  $16.95
Embellishment Pkg $35.95
forever owl
Forever Owl  $8.95
Fibre Pack  $12.95
love owl
Love Owl  $8.95
Fibre Pack  $12.95
friend owl
Friend Owl  $8.95
Fibre Pack  $12.95
Mandala Sampler
Chart  $16.95
Embellishment Pak  $43.95
stitching ties
Stitching Ties
Chart  $16.95

My Stitching Treasures Accessories Booklet $32.00
Accessories Package $52.95

A Needle  and Thread Sampler Leaflet $16.95
Embellishment Pack  $ 24.95

Pomegranate & Pear Sampler 
Leaflet  $ 16.95
Embellishment Pack  $ 48.95

Silver Needle Stitches
Leaflet  $ 16.95
Embellishment Pack   $ 49.95

Vintage Stitches
Leaflet   $ 16.95
Vintage Embellishment pack  $ 50.00

Acorn Stitches
Leaflet  $ 16.95
Acorn Embellishment pack  $ 46.50

Seaside Stitches
Leaflet   $ 16.95
Seaside Embellishment Pack  $

New York / New Jersey Sampler
Leaflet  $ 16.95
New York/New Jersey Embellishment Pack      $ 38.50

We Stitch, We Share, We Create
Leaflet  $ 16.95
We Stitch Embellishment Pack   $ 24.50

Awesome Apple Seed Needlebook
Pattern   $ 9.95

Montreal Sampler

Leaflet $18.95

Embellishment Pack
The colours in skeins and the charms, and specialty threads like, wisper, jewel effects, silk, overdyed Krienik and spools of Krienik etc.  $53.95

sunshine state

Sunshine State

 The 3rd design in the American Journey Series .

Fabric: Silkweaver 32ct. Meadow Mist

Design Size: 3"  x  11"

Design Count: 185  x  62

Leaflet $ 15.95

Embellishment pack $ 44.95


 My Stitching Treasures  
by Jeannette Douglas Designs

Leaflet price $ 26.95

Fibre pack $ 54.95

Charm pack $ 56.00

Fabric price $ 16.50 ( Zweigart hand-dyed - Autumn Field)

Wooden Box for this wonderful design

$ 275.00   

Ietje Jackovich, one of Gitta's instructors, a designer and artisan herself, has always envisioned a hand crafted fabric box to store all her treasured stitching tools.  It was a design for the lid that she lacked.  Jeannette Douglas, a friend and admired designer by all of us here, was asked if she had any ideas for Ietje's octagon shaped box. 

And WOW, what a box!


Toronto Sampler

Chart $18.95

Embellishments Pak $53.95

Fabrics ( 28ct Cashel Linen - Platinum) $ 12.00

mississauga sampler
Mississauga Sampler
(Exclusive to Gitta's)
Chart  $15.95
Embellishment Pak  $58.95
london sampler
London, Ontario Sampler
Chart  $16.00
Embellishment Pak  $30.00

east coast sampler
East Coast Sampler
Chart  $16.00
Embellishment Pak  $44.95

A Home in the Woods

Leaflet  $ 10.95

Embellishment pack  $ 27.95

One good urn deserves another

Leaflet  $ 9.95

Embellishment pack  $ 24.95

Canadian Journey Series

Below are the "Canadian Journey Series" Samplers. As you stitch each one it will take you upon a wonderful journey through each region of Canada.

Fleur de Lys Sampler $18.95
Embellishment Pack $49.95

Northern Lights Sampler $18.95
Embellishment Pack $49.95

Atlantic Seaboard Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pack $32.00
Sterling Silver Charm $14.00

Great Lakes Lowland Sampler $16.95

Embellishment Pack $36.95

Northern Shield Sampler $18.95
Embellishment Pack $49.95

Pacific Rim Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pack $25.00

Rocky Mountain Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pack $25.00

Prairie West Sampler $16.95
Embellishment Pack $25.00

 Embellishment packs contain  the buttons, charms and specialty threads.

Mini Topiary Sampler 2

Finished design size

 2.75" x 4.25"


Leaflet                  $9.00

Mini Topiary Sampler 3

Finished design size 

2.75" x 4.25"

Leaflet                  $9.00

Mini Topiary Sampler 4

Finished design size 

2.75" x 4.25"

Leaflet                 $9.00

Mini Topiary Sampler 5

Finished design size 2.75" x 4.25"

Leaflet                $9.00

Appalachian Spring Sampler
Model stitched on 32 ct Belfast white linen, finished design size 3.25" x 4.25

Leaflet                  $9.00

Summer at the Ocean Sampler
Model stitched on 32 ct Bonnie Blue, finished design size 3" x 4.25"

Leaflet                  $9.00


A New England Autumn

Model stitched on 32 ct Light Sand, finished design size 3" x 4.25"

Leaflet                  $9.00

A Rocky Mountain Christmas

Model stitched on 32 ct Antique White, finished design size 3" x 4.25"

Leaflet                  $9.00


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