Lynne Nicoletti has retired. As such, we can no longer order in her patterns.
Below are the designs we have remaining. Sorry.

Neptune Poseidon $13.95
(Includes charms)

Toronto Needlecase $10.95

Hockey Player $13.95

Baby Envelope $6.95

Wedding Kiss $10.95

Hockey Player $10.95

Golfer $11.95

All My Heart $13.95

Read Me A Rhyme Teddy Bear $22.95
(Includes charms and buttons)
04-1024 Face Maple Leaf
Faces Maple Leaf $10.95
Cairn's Birdwing
(green butterfly) $10.95
Madagascan Sunset Moth $10.95

Down the Garden Path $16.95
(pattern, dice, game pieces and storage pouch)
Hockey Goalie $10.95

Maple Leaf Montage $10.95
Supreme Summer
Supreme Summer $10.95
Superb Spring
Superb Spring $10.95
Awesome Autumn
Awesome Autumn  $10.95
2 Remaining
Wondrous Winter
Wondrous Winter  $10.95
Sisters $11.95
Santa's secret
Santa's Secrets $10.95
04-1027 Angel
Angel $10.95


All of Lynne's charts are composed primarily of full stitches having very little or no backstitching.  Lynne has also thoughtfully listed some interesting facts on the back cover of each design.


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