A note from the designer..

Hi,  my name is Nora Corbett and I work in a white-washed studio overlooking the gardens of my house in Bexley, Ohio.  It's nothing fancy, but it's where I spend many wonderful hours painting the watercolour designs that will become cross-stitch patterns.

I paint what I love and sincerely hope you'll love stitching what I paint.  I like to take risks now and then - do what no one else has done before.  I think my work appeals to stitchers who are a bit nontraditional, who want something a little unexpected without  being too contemporary. 

I hope you enjoy every minute cross-stitching my designs.  I enjoyed every minute of creating them for you.

Nora's designs are hard to fit into a single category, but I am sure you will love them all. From her elegantly regal Queens, her beautiful mermaids with iridescent fins, the glorious flowing gowns of her Victorian Ladies, her joyful angels and sparkling fairies to  her whimsical children.  

One thing they all have in common are her wonderful use of colour, and  her many uses of beads and metallic threads lets you experience a new and exciting lift to counted cross stitching.

 **Prices subject to change without notice**


Delphine's Butterfly Brigade $32.95

The Muse $32.95

Camille in Bloom $32.95

Blackbird $32.95

Luda $32.95

Goddess Garden $32.95

Blossom $32.95

Rosamund $32.95

Lavender Mist $32.95

Nightingale $32.95

Twisted Mermaids $32.95

Botanical Garden $32.95

The Three Mermaids $32.95

Snow Maiden $32.95

Starlet $32.95

Mermaid Perfume $32.95

Echo Lake $32.95

Ophelia $32.95

Cathedral Woods Goddess $32.95

The Duchess of Rouen $32.95

Princess Elliana $32.95

Miss Dancing Flower $32.95

Lilith of Labrador $32.95

Baker's Wife $32.95

Winter Love $32.95

Garden Prelude $32.95

Royal Games II $32.95

Lady Justice $32.95

Zelda $32.95

December Blue Topaz $32.95

March Aquamarine Fairy $32.95

25th Anniversary Celebration $6.95
Includes some of Nora's favorite designs and a new cameo design, Portrait of Antique Vines

Mooka $32.95

Lady Mirabilia $38.95
(includes large butterfly charm)

Miss Cherry Blossom $32.95

Andromeda $32.95

Royal Games I $32.95

Lady of Mystery $32.95

Miss Christmas Eve $32.95

Blossom Goddess $32.95

Portrait of Veronica $32.95

Renaissance Mermaid $32.95
(187 x 280 stitches)

Aphrodite Mermaid $32.95

The Twin Mermaids $32.95

The Snow Queen $32.95

Rapunzel $32.95

Mermaid Udine $32.95

The Garden Party $32.95

Florentina $32.95

The Raven Queen $32.95

Queen Mariposa $32.95

October Opal Fairy $32.95

Moonlight Lullaby $32.95

Christmas in London $32.95

Cassiopeia $32.95

Biancabella $32.95

Ella, The Frog Princess $32.95

At the Met $32.95

Red $32.95

Persephone $32.95

Gypsy Mermaid $32.95

Roses of Provence $32.95

August Periodot Fairy $32.95

Silver Moon Tea $32.95

Dressmaker's Daughter $32.95

Siren & The Shipwreck $32.95

Merchant Mermaid $32.95

Lady Alexandra $32.95

Shakespears Fairies $32.95

Santa $32.95

Red Pirate Lady  $32.95

Charlotte $32.95

Day Numph $32.95

Night Numph $32.95

Circle of Friends $32.95

MD-56 May's Emerald Fairy $32.95

Mediterranean Mermaid $32.95

Sabrina $32.95

Bluebeard's Princess $32.95

Winter White Santa $37.95
(includes Crystal Snowflake that adorns the top of the Christmas Tree)

Athena Goddess of Wisdom $32.95

Mermaid of Atlantis $32.95

Venetian Opulence $32.95

Portrait of Lauren in Blue $32.95

Portrait of Caroline in Pink $32.95

Autumn in the Garden $32.95

White Christmas $32.95

Bliss Fairy $32.95

Lady of the Mist $32.95

MD-82 Petal Fairy $32.95
MD-81 Archangel $32.95

MD-80 Lily of the Woods $32.95

Stargazer $32.95

MD-78 Christmas Queen $32.95

MD-77 Emerald Mermaid $32.95

Mermaid of the Deep Blue Sea $32.95

MD-72 Guardian Angel $32.95

MD-43 Enchanted Dreamer $32.95

MD-69 Cinderella $32.95

MD-68 Winter in my Garden $32.95

MD-67 The Woodland Fairy $32.95

MD-66 Fairie Treasures $32.95

MD-76 Ring Around the Rose Tree $32.95

MD-61 Christmas Wishes $32.95

MD-60 The Blossom Harvest $32.95

MD-59 July's Amethyst Fairy $32.95

MD-55 Mother's Bliss $32.95

MD-54 The Scent of Old Roses $32.95

MD-53 Spring in my Garden $32.95

MD-52 June's Pearl Fairy $32.95

MD-50 Summer in my Garden $32.95

MD-47 April's Blue Diamond $32.95

MD-46 Le Nouveau $32.95

MD-38 Titania, Queen of the Fairies $32.95

MD-37 Three for Tea $32.95

MD-36 Savannah's Curtsy $32.95

MD-31 Giggles in the Snow $32.95

MD-30 A Midsummer Night's Fairy $32.95

MD-27 Millennium Angel $32.95

MD-25 Angel Proclamation $32.95

MD-20 Fairy Tales $32.95

MD-19 Deco Spirits $32.95

MD- 17 Stone Roses $32.95

MD-16 The Baby Boat $32.95

MD-13 Winter Queen $32.95


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