These charts are composed of full stitches, so they will look great in either Petit Point or Cross-Stitch!

White Angel $22.95
180 x 220 Stitches

Virgin of the Grapes $28.95
240 x 340 stitches

The Girl with Book $22.95
160W x 220H stitches

Farmyard Scene with Horses $28.95
260W x 170H stitches

Turtle Dove $22.95
160 x 200 stitches

Medieval Princess Desislava $28.95

Theotokos of Tenderness Seraphimo-Diveevska $29.95
240w x 320h stitches

The Holy Family $34.95

Spring Dreams  $28.95
260w x 340h stitches

Angel Guardian $28.95
320w x 440h stitches

Half Dome Yosemite Valley $28.95
260W x 170H stitches

Alyonushka (small model)  $28.95
200w x 280h stitches

Stitching the Standard  $28.95
200w x 400h stitches

Christ at the Door  $28.95
270w x 400h stitches

The Blessing Christ $28.95

Jerusalem Theotokos $28.95
180w x 220h stitches

Theotokos of Tenderness Eleusa-Umilenie  $29.95
240w x 320h stitches


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