Teenie Tweenie #203
White Rose Needlebook & Fob $17.95
pattern with Embellishment pack

Tudor Silken Sampler $19.95
Pattern with Embellishment pack

Sparkling Shamrocks
Leaflet with sterling silver charm
and embellishments $56.95

"Graduation Sampler" - Leaflet with Sterilng Silver charm $20.95

"Needles & Pins" A Stitchers Needlebook & Fob Set
Leaflet with buttons $20.95

Teenie Tweenie #200
Tiny Blackwork Floral Sampler
Leaflet with tiny black Payettes $18.95

Teenie Tweenie
Tiny Periwinkle Pincushion $19.95

Teenie Tweenie
Blackwork Fob $17.95

Teenie Tweenie
Celestial Circles Box topper $13.95

Plumberry Sampler - Kit $47.95

Blackwork Floral Biscornu Pincushion - kit $39.95

Teeny Bunny Fob $5.95
(pattern with buttons)
(full kit)

Beach Rules $16.95
(pattern with buttons)

Halloween Gothic Revistied $16.95
(pattern with buttons)

Pretty Pyramid #1- Tiny Bleuettes $46.95
(full kit)

Canterbury Rose Sampler $89.95

Itty Bitty Kitty - Tulip Time in Holland - Patten with buttons $16.95
(Itty Bitty Kitty's first stop on her European Tour)

What A Stitch $44.95

Wishes For You No.5 Patience $44.95

Bumblebee Biscornu Pincushion $39.95
(full kit)

Love You - Love You More $16.95
(Chart with buttons)

Whitework Lace $16.95
(Chart with pearl beads)

The Bumblebee Fob $16.95
(Chart with charm)

Snowman & Friend $13.95
Includes 2 snowflake buttons

Honest Santa...I didn't do it! $13.95
Includes 3 light bulbs

The Busy Easter Bunny $39.95
Special Edition full kit

Wishes for you No.4 Health $39.95

House on Pumpkin Hill $39.95

Shades of Halloween $13.95
Includes 6 black paillettes

Wishes for you No.1 Happiness $35.95

Wishes for you No.2 Love $35.95

Wishes for You No.3 Friendship $39.95

Teenie Tiny Halloween I $15.95
Pattern with buttons

Teenie Tiny Halloween II $15.95
Pattern with buttons

Teenie Tiny Halloween III $15.95
Pattern with buttons

Itty Bitty Kitty - At the Beach $15.95
Pattern with buttons

Teeny Bee Skep $35.95
Includes Sterling silver charm
SV-TK85 My Little Tooth Fairy Pillow
My Little Tooth Fairy Pillow kit $42.95
BP-15 Pinecones in Winter Biscornu
Pinecones in Winter Biscornu kit $36.95
SV-TK86 Grapes on the Vine
Grapes on the Vine kit $38.95
SV-T177 Keep Calm and Freak Out Fob
Keep Calm and Freak Out $17.95
(chart with paillettes)
SV-T176 Itty Bitty Kitty Irish Pot of Gold
Itty Bitty Kitty - Irish Pot of Gold $15.95
(chart with flower beads)
SV-T175 Wine Bottle Grapes Fob
Wine Bottle Grapes Fob $15.95
(chart with grape beads)
SV-T174 Pinecones in Winter Fob
Pinecones in Winter Fob $15.95
(chart with paillettes)
SV-TK84 Bumbler Bee kit
Bumbler Bee (full kit)  $36.95
SV-TK82 Baby Violets kit
Baby Violets (full kit)  $32.95
SV-T171 Teenie Tweenie Pineapple
Teenie Tweenie Pineapple $14.95
(pattern with payettes)
SV-T171 Itty Bitty Kitty Garden
Itty Bitty Kitty Garden  $14.95
(pattern with treasures)
SV-T173 Tiny Plaid Pumpkin
Tiny Plaid Pumpkin  $14.95
(pattern with flower charms)
Double Heart Posies
Double Heart Posies $19.95
(pattern with sterling silver heart)
sv-069 Old Quaker Flowers
Old Quaker Flowers (leaflet)  $14.95
Button pack $14.95
sv-q10 Easter Quadrielle
Easter Quadrielle (full kit)  $42.95
sv-t164 Tiny Pink Carnation Alphabet
Tiny Pink Carnations $15.95
(leaflet with embellishment pack)
sv-t165 Evening Primrose
Evening Primrose  $15.95
(leaflet with embellishment pack)
sv-T166 Spring Fantasy
Spring Fantasy $15.95
(leaflet with embellishment pack)
sv-t267 Itty Bitty Kitty - Easter
Itty Bitty Kitty - Easter $15.95
(leaflet with embellishment pack)
sv-tk75 Ribbons and Roses
Ribbons and Roses (full kit) $34.95
sv-tk 77 Acorn Medley
Acorn Medley (full kit) $34.95
sv-TK78 Y Is For Yarn
Y is for Yarn (full kit) $34.95
From This Day Forward
From This Day Forward (full kit) $62.95

tiny thistle
Tiny Thistle $15.95
(chart with embellishment pack)
teenie christmas angel
Teenie Christmas Angel $15.95
(chart with embellishment pack)
you hold the key to my heart
You Hold The Key To My Heart $15.95
(chart with embellishment pack)

A Buzz for Blackberries
A Buzz for Blackberries $34.95
(full kit)

x is for x-stitch
X is for X-stitch $34.95
(full kit)

elizabeth's jubilee
Elizabeth's Jubilee $29.95
(full kit)

a day at the beach
A Day At The Beach (full kit) $31.95

christmas revisited
Christmas Revisited $27.95
(Leaflet with embellishment pack)

Butterfly welcome
Butterfly Welcome - full kit $29.95
Bunny Business
Bunny Business - chart with charms $15.95
dad quadrielle
Dad Quadrielle - full kit $42.95
Mom quadrielle
Mom Quadrielle - full kit $42.95
Wedding Quadrielle
Wedding Quadrielle - full kit $42.95
Sandy of the Sweetheart Tree has posted a tutorial on the finishing of these interesting Quadrielle, an ornament cube. Click on the link here.Or simply frame them or finish as a bell pull.
williamsburg tea caddy
Williamsburg Tea Caddy Treasure Box - full kit $39.95
tea caddy treasure box fob
Tea Caddy Treasure Box Fob - full kit $39.95

chickadee winter welcome
Chickadee Winter Welcome $34.95
w is for witch
W is for Witch (full kit) $34.95
teenie hardanger IV
Teenie Hardanger IV (chart with payettes) $15.95
christmas fishing
Christmas Fishing $19.95
(chart with charm and custom cut mounting board)
teenie hardanger V
Teenie Hardanger V (chart with payettes) $15.95
SV062 To Have and To Hold
To Have and To Hold
Leaflet $10.95
Sterling Silver Bells Charm $28.95
Silver Payettes $9.95 (3 pkgs required)

Lady Dunmore SE23
Lady Dunmore's Sampler (full kit) $69.95

SV Q03 - Halloween Quadrielle
Halloween Quadrielle (full kit) $42.95
Could also be stitched as a bell pull
SV-Q04 Noel Quadrielle
Noel Quadrielle (full kit) $42.95
Could also be stitched as a bell pull
SV-TK64 Autumn Pumpkin
Autumn Pumpkin Welcome (full kit) $38.95
(includes Custom Mounting Board)
SV-TV65 Sunflower & Bumblebees
Sunflower & Bumblebees Welcome (full kit) $29.95
SV-TK66 Spook-tacular
Spook-tacular Halloween (full kit) $29.95
SV-T155 Snowman & Santa
Teenie Tweenies - Snowman & Santa $15.95
(includes button charms)
SV-T156 Rudolph & Mrs Clause
Teenie Tweenies - Rudolph & Mrs. Clause $15.95
(included button charms)
Teenie Tweenie's - includes chart and embellishments
nantucket rose
NantucketRose $15.95
quaker flower & flob
Tiny Quaker Potted Flower & Fob $15.95
Fabric - 28ct Newport linen
(Opalescent Raw/Victorian Red 9x9)
Dragonfly Dreams $15.95
spring blossoms welcome
Spring Blossoms Welcome - kit $27.95

sapphire & diamonds
Sapphire & Diamonds Heart - kit$27.95
v is for violets
"V" is For Violets - kit $34.95
m lady's
"M'Lady's Quadrielle" - kit $42.95
irish quadrielle
"Irish Quadrielle" - kit $42.95

Potpourri Heart $39.95
(full kit)

Lets Get Fancy Biscornu Pincushion 
 $ 28.95 full kit
Lets Get Fancy Scissor Fob  $ 15.95

U is for Umbrella
  $ 34.95 full kit
A Welcoming Sampler $ 28.95 full kit

Quaker Sampler  $ 59.95 full kit

Teenie Weenie - Angel Trio  $ 15.95
chart and embelllishments

Teenie Weenie - La Fleur $ 15.95
chart and embelllishments

Pumpkin Kitty  $ 22.95
chart, silk floss and embellishments

Colonial Scissor Fob  $ 15.95
pattern with heart button & paillettes

Earth Laughs in Flowers  $ 28.95 full kit
Black Berry Welcome  $ 28.95 full kit

S is for Stitcher & Sewing  $ 34.95 full kit

Colonial Roses Biscornu  $ 28.95 full kit

Enchanted Roses  $ 42.95 full kit

Spiderweb Rose Alphabet  $ 15.95
pattern woth crystal heart & paillettes
Pink Flowers on Gingham   $ 15.95
pattern with heart & paillettes

Christmas Bell  $ 15.95
pattern with paillettes

R is Rooster   $ 34.95 full kit

Country French Box Top  $ 29.95 full kit

October Birth Sampler  $ 15.95
Leaflet with crystal treasure

November Birth Sampler  $ 15.95
Leaflet with crystal treasure

December Birth Sampler  $ 15.95

Leaflet with crystal treasure

Stitcher's Favorite Biscornu  $ 35.95 full kit

Shells by the Seashore $ 15.95 Leaflet with Beads

Stitcher's Favorite Fob   $ 29.95 full kit

July Monthly Birthstone Sampler 
$ 15.95

August Monthly Birthstone Sampler 
 $ 15.95

September Monthly Birthstone Sampler  $ 15.95

Halloween Pumpkins Biscornu Pincushion 
$ 29.95
Biscornu kits are all-inclusive so everything you will need to stitch this design is included in the kit (even the needles!)

Tweenie Tweenie
Spring Blossoms Fob  $ 15.95

Spring Blossoms Biscornu Pincushion 
$ 29.95
Biscornu kits are all-inclusive so everything you will need to stitch this design is included in the kit (even the needles!)

Q is for Queen  $ 34.95

Holly and Heart Sampler  $ 59.95

Joy Christmas Ornament  $ 29.95

Strawberry Faire - Limited edition Kit  $ 49.95


N is for Nurse  $ 34.95

Tiny Tykes Teddy  $ 15.95


Bee Happy  $ 15.95

Cat Lovers Biscornu Pincushion Kit  35.95

Christmas Basket  $ 15.95


Baby Shamrocks Biscornu Pincushion Kit   $ 27.95


Cherry Blossoms Biscornu    $ 24.95 (complete kit)

Rhodes Butterfly Biscornu    $ 24.95 (complete kit)


Blue Mountain Bunny  $ 15.95


Think Snow  $ 15.95

Strawberry Quilt  $ 15.95

M is for Mittens  $ 34.95

Sparkling Forget-Me-Not Sampler
  $ 48.95

(This design is also an "all-inclusive kit")

Fiesta Flowers  $ 5.95 (chart with beads)

A Partridge in a Pear Tree  $15.95

Two Turtle Doves  $15.95

Three French Hens  $15.95

Four Calling Birds  $15.95
five golden rings
Five Golden Rings  $15.95
six geese a laying
Six Geese a Laying  $15.95

seven swans
Seven Swans a Swimming  $15.95
eight maids
Eight Maids a Milking  $15.95
nine ladies
Nine Ladies Dancing  $15.95

ten lords
Ten Lords a Leaping  $15.95
eleven pipe
Eleven Pipers Piping  $15.95
twelve drummers
Twelve Drummers Drumming  $15.95

"F" is for Friends & Flowers

Full Kit    $ 34.95

Lavender Radiance

Full Kit     $ 27.95

The Tiny Alphabet Sampler

                         Full Kit    $ 52.95


Classic Roses Sampler

Full Kit    $ 54.95


Wild West Sheriff

Chubby Nutcraker

Leaflet with Charms   $ 15.95

Easter Bunny

Chubby Nutcraker

Leaflet & Cats-Eye Hearts  $ 15.95

Moon Doggie Beach Bum

Chubby Nutcracker

Leaflet with charm   $ 15.95

Pink Carnations  $ 28.95 (full kit with 28 ct linen)

Fanciful Roses Sampler  $ 54.95 (full kit complete with 32ct linen)

Chubby Nutcracker include chart and sterling silver charm

January Snow Chubby Nutcracker  $ 15.95

Valentine Hearts Chubby Nutcracker  $ 15.95

Irish Shamrock Chubby Nutcracker  $ 15.95

Baby Birth Sampler  $

Weeping Violets Sampler   $

Happy are Those  $28.95

L-O-V-E Square   $28.95

Irish Blessing Sampler   $

D is for Dog $34.95

Buckingham Guard Chubby Nutcracker   $15.95


The Golfer Chubby Nutcracker   $15.95


Punchneedle Designs - Pumpkin Duo   $

Punchneedle Designs - Tapestry Heart   $

Blackberry Fob $ 15.95 ( beads included)

Catnip Kitty Fob  $ 15.95 (silver cat charm included)

Chili Pepper Fob $ 15.95 (chili pepper charm included)

C is for Cat $ 34.95 (full kit with 28ct. Summer Khaki linen)

Dog In Dog Out Knob Knocker $ 27.95 (complete kit with 28ct. Ray of Light linen)

Cupid's Teenie Sampler $ 28.95 (full kit with 35ct. Lambswool)

Irish Wedding Blessing Sampler  $ 28.95 (leaflet with Sterling Silver Shamrock and 12 paillettes)

Don't Bug Me When.. $ 27.95 (complete kit with 28ct. Flax Linen)

Weeping Willow Sampler $ 56.95 (full kit with 32ct. Platinum linen)

Fleur des Province


Leaflet $ 11.95



Charms and Heart  $ 9.95

Knob Knocker - In the Meadow  $ 24.95

(complete kit with fabric, chart and charms)

Knob Knocker - Hush Baby $ 24.95

(complete kit with fabric, chart and charms)

Teenie Grape Fob  $ 15.95

Teenie Blue Bargello Fob  $ 15.95

Teenie Holiday Holly Fob  $ 15.95

 Lavender Luminence  $ 24.95

(complete kit with fabric, chart and charms)


"Enchantment "

 pattern and embellishment pak  $ 15.95


"North Star Sampler"

Chart $ 10.95

Embellishment Pak $ 11.95



Sunflowers on Gingham   $ 28.95 ( full kit)

Kensington Rose Sampler Kit 
" Limited Edition"

Sweetheart Tree's newest release is the 6th in the series.  The kit comes complete with  DMC floss, Caron Collection Waterlillies , Perle Coton and fabric, along with beads & treasures from Mill Hill . 

Kit    $ 54.00



Teenie Tweenie Series - Tranquil Moments
Leaflet with charms $ 16.95
Teenie Tweenie Series - Three Santas
Leaflet with Charms $ 14.50

Whispers in the Pine
Leaflet $ 12.50

Sterling Pine Cone Charm & Crystal charms $ 12.95
Sleeping Santa Kit

Complete Kit $ 30.95

Blackberry Jam (Full Kit)  $ 27.95

Sentimental Heart Sampler (with 12 paillettes & 4 pink Cat's Eye hearts)  $ 29.95

Ring Bearer's Pillow (Full Kit excluding fabric)  

$ 56.95

Teeny Tweenies

Cherry Blossom Fob with embellishments   $ 15.95
Baby Shamrock Fob with embellishments  $ 15.95
Celtic Cross with embellishments  $ 15.95

Knob Knocker Collection

Happy Easter

Full Kit   $ 27.95

Let it Snow

Full Kit   $ 27.95


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