Carolyn Mitchell

In My Wildest Dreams  $49.95

Wonderland Splendour
Wonderland Splendour $18.95

My Seasons
My Seasons $20.95

Garberry Star
Garberry Star $10.95
City Walks
City Walk  $22.95

Anaologous - fusion (study 1)
Analogous - Fusion (Study 1)  $22.95

Mini my way
Mini My Way  $18.95

Expectations  $18.95

Anticipation  $18.95

Gold Grains
Golden Grains  $16.95

My secret garden holiday colourmy secret garden

My Secret Garden (both colours listed)  $22.95
lost in the garden
Lost in the Garden  $18.95

midnight rhapsody
Midnight Rhapsody (scissor sheaf)  $18.95

Summer Festival
Summer Festival $0.00 (free for month of March)
Free with purchase of a Carolyn Mitchell pattern otherwise a $3 poster fee will be charged
florentine dreams
Florentine Dreams  (chart pack) $32.95
have a drink on me
Have A Drink On Me (chart pack)  $16.95
Bayberry garden
Bayberry Garden  $18.95
Diamond dreams
Diamond Dreams  $44.95

summer splendor
Summer Splendor  $18.95
gourmandized gem
Gourmandized Gem Collection  $21.95
summer garden
Summer Garden  $22.95
February Fever
February Fever  $15.95

April Flowers
April Flowers  $15.95
June jazz
June Jazz  $24.95
charm included
September Morn
September Morn  $15.95
October Moon
October Moon $15.95

November Rose
November Rose  $15.95
December Dawn
December Dawn  $15.95
Sistrs and friends
Sisters & Friends  $18.95
sisters in stitching
Sisters in Stitching  $17.95

xmas ornaments 1
Christmas Ornaments I  $13.95
xmas ornaments 2
Christmas Ornaments II  $13.95

xmas ornaments 3
Christmas Ornaments III  $13.95
xmas ornaments 4
Christmas Ornaments IV  $13.95

Let's go shopping 1
Let's Go Shopping I  $19.95
Let's Go Shopping II
Let's Go Shopping II  $19.95
medieval moments
Medieval Moments  $18.95
glimmering trio
Glimmering Trio  $17.95


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