Kantan Couture Bead / Embroidery tool $26.95

Quilt Blocks Baby $14.95
Owl, 12 9" x 9"
Stamped for Embroidery on polycotton material

Lovely Flower Embroidery kit $58.95
(finished size 11 3/4" x 13 1/2")

Live Life $14.95

Butterfly Duo $14.95

Teach yourself to Embroider $19.95
56page book with 15 beautiful Step-by-step projects

Cardinals in Dogwood $36.95
Dimensions kit 11" x 15"

Water-Soluble Marking Pen Blue $3.50

Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Needlework $44.95

Butterfly (kit) $32.95

DMC Emboidery Transfer Pencil $3.95

LB5813 Book - Doodle Stitching-The Motif Collection
Doodle Stitching - The Motif Collection $21.95
Author Aimee Ray shares a fun and easy way to personalize everyday objects with playful and whimsical touches of embroidery. In her follow-up to the best-selling Doodle Stitching; Aimee gives you an expanded basics section and more than 400 new embroidery motifs; some of which are featured in the seventeen included projects. The motifs are presented in color in the book for easy reference and in simple black lines on the enclosed CD allowing you to enlarge; edit; or combine them as you see fit. Create projects using the motifs shown or give your creativity free reign to design your own! Softcover: 132 pages.
LB-90610 Doodle Stitching Fresh & Fun
Doodle Stitching - Fresh & Fun Embroidery $ 21.95
This book offers fresh and fun embroidery projects for beginners! Add a creative look to garments, accessories, and home accents with charming embroidered touches. Outlining; filling and applique work are easy to master with Aimee Ray's guidance. Also learn how to transfer your own doodled designs onto any fabric object! Projects are practical and fun to make. Softcover: 128 pages.
LA 6158 Leisure Arts -Learn to Embroider
Learn to Embroider with the Best of Leisure Arts $14.95
A fun introduction to embroidery; this book gives an overview of the tools and supplies you need; a gallery of popular stitches; and a dozen projects to practice what you learn in various styles; from redwork to crazy quilt embroidery. Full color photos will inspire you; and the step-by-step diagrams and instructions will make it easy to succeed. Softcover; 32 pages.
LA-56019 Leisure Art- Embroidery Pocket Guide
Leisure Arts Pocket Guide - Embroidery $8.95
This Embroidery Pocket Guide is the handiest reference guide for embroiderers--a laminated pocket-size encyclopedia of the most popular stitches and much more. Approximately 8.5 inches tall by 4.6 inches wide; the guide folds out accordion-style with information on supplies and stitching tips; plus illustrated stitch guides. Featured stitches are backstitches; blanket stitches; chain stitches; couching stitches; cross stitches; featherstitches; filling stitches; running stitches; satin stitches; and weaving stitches. A ruler is printed along the edge for convenience.
DM-BSG01 - Emma Broidery's Embroidery Stitch Tool
Broidery's Embroidery Stitch Tool $14.95
Everything you need to know to do basic hand embroidery in one handy guide! Emma inspires you to enter the wonderful world of hand embroidery with her embroidery stitch tool. Create unique and inspired embroidery items for yourself; family and friends. Emma Broidery's stitch tool will guide you-starting with selecting designs and materials to showing you how to stitch 18 of the most popular embroidery stitches. Photos; diagrams; written instructions and helpful tips are included to answer any question you may have. Spiral-Bound: 47 pages.
TNNA-4 How To Embroider & Cross-Stitch
How to Embroider $10.95
This booklet is intended to get you started in enjoying embroidery, learning basic techniques and just a few of the hundreds of known stitches.

TP50 -Hot Iron Transfer Paper
Hot Iron Transfer Paper $12.95
Use with hot iron transfer pencils to create iron-on transfers for just about any use from just about any source: magazines; photographs; coloring books and much more. This pad contains fifty 12x9in tracing paper.
TP1-hot iron transfer pencils
Hot iron transfer pencils (2 pack) $6.95
The perfect tool for reproducing designs from plain paper to apparel or fabric. Great for painting or quilting projects. Simply draw or trace a favorite design on a sheet of paper and iron it onto the fabric.
C58 -Iron on Transfer Pencil
Iron on Transfer Pencil: Red $4.50
The perfect tool for reproducing designs from plain paper to apparel or fabric. Great for painting or quilting projects. Simply draw or trace a favorite design on a sheet of paper and iron it onto the fabric.

EdMar - The Art of Brazilian Embroidery

The Art of Dimensional Embroidery $46.95
(48 page Book)

A-Z of Embroidery Stitches $32.95

Primavera: The Art of Brazilian Embroidery $36.95
(30 page book, with step be step diagrams and photos)

Verana Full kit $74.95
(Design is a 9.5" X 10" oval on 16" X 16" cream or white fabric)

Three Jasmines Full Kit $22.95
(Design size 2" x 2")

Geraniums $28.95

English Rose & Hummingbirds $54.95

Chinese Columbine $28.95

Ginger $28.95

1706 Chinese Poppy $28.95

Aunt Martha's Hot Iron Transfers

3999 Northwoods Lodge $3.50

6 Alphabets for Monograms $3.50

Coastal Marine Motif $3.50

Cross Stitch Birds $3.50

#354 Puppies $8.50

#353 Kittens $8.50

Floral Teacups $3.50

Fanciful Fruit $3.50

Sol y Luna $3.50

Superb Herbs $3.50

New Monograms $3.50

Reindeer Games $3.50

Assorted Alphabets $3.50

Woodland Embroidery $3.50

Monthly Madness $3.50

Sunflowers & Butterflies $3.50

Happy Hour 3.50

Life's a Beach $3.50
AM Lotsa Bears
Lotsa Bears $3.50
AM Flowers of the Month
Flowers of the Month $3.50
AM Angels on High
Angels on High $3.50
AM Frog Tea Towels
Frog Tea Towels $3.50
AM Bird Houses
Bird Houses $3.50
AM Kids Letter Sampler
Kids Letter Sampler $3.50
AM Poinsettas, Bells, Holly
Poinsettas, Bells, Holly $3.50
AM Cross Stitch Alphabet
Cross Stitch Alphabet $3.50
AM Java Break
Java Break $3.50
AM Wine Country
Wine Country $3.50
AM Child's Prayer
Child's Prayer $3.50
AM Snowmen Tea Towels
Snowmen Tea Towels $3.50
AM Once Upon a Tree
Once Upon a Tree $3.50

Goodnight Kisses $3.50
AM Death By Chocolate
Death By Chocolate $3.50
AM Tropical Flowers
Tropical Flowers $3.50

Hooty Owls $3.50

Blue Onion Motifs $3.50

Butterflies for Linen $3.50

Birds Galore $3.50

Flower of the Month $3.50

Lighthouses $3.50

Flour Sack Towels $6.95
(28" x 28")

Flour Sack Towels $9.50
(33" x 38")

Single Queen Pillow Case - plain $13.95

Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen
Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen $4.95
Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents or fabrics. The needlepoint tip creates clear precise lines and the thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction or heat.
Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen - Blue

Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen - Black
C58 -Iron on Transfer Pencil

Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen - Red


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