CS101 Santa with Toys stocking
Santa with Toys Stocking  $195.95
Stocking Hand painted on 18ct Mono Deluxe Canvas
pt205 Owl Baby's Sleeping
Owl Baby's Sleeping  $51.95
Hand painted on 18ct Mono Deluxe Canvas
Mini Stockings with Critters
hand painted on 18ct mon deluxe canvas

Wise Men with Camel $78.95

Fireplace Santa with Santa $78.95

Traveling to Bethlehem with Donkey $78.95

Gingerbread House with Gingerbread Man $78.95

Santa with Hippo $78.95

Santa with Lion $78.95

Santa with Black Cat $78.95

Ornaments with Dove $78.95

Christmas Tree with Dog $78.95

Christmas Cabin with Black bear $78.95

North Pole with Polar bear $78.95

First Christmas with Baby $78.95

Teddy with Teddy Bear $78.95

Fishing Penguin with Penguin $78.95

Birdbath with Raccoon $78.95

Drummer with Soldier $78.95

Snowman with Chickadee $78.95

Santa with Baby Bear $78.95

Santa with Black Dog $78.95

Giraffe Santa with Giraffe $78.95

Wolf with Wolf $78.95
cm573 Holy Family with Angel
Holy Family with Angel $78.95

Castles with Dragon $78.95

Cookies & Milk with Star Cookie $78.95

Snowflakes with Snowman $78.95
cm558 Snowy Owl with Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl with Snowy Owl $78.95

Train with Elf Boy $78.95
Brick Covers - hand painted on 13ct mono canvas, these Canadiana brick covers could also be finished as a cushion
bc100 Moose Brick Cover
Moose Brick Cover  $89.95

bc101 Bear with Canoe Brick Cover
Bear with Canoe Brick Cover  $89.95

bc106 Loon Brick Cover
Loon Brick Cover  $89.95


Feel free to visit and we can order for you any of her canvases we do not have listed.


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