A-Z of Stumpwork $32.95
The ultimate reference and design source for stumpwork embroiderers

We are pleased to have available some of the wonderful stumpwork pieces designed by British designer Doreen Holmes.

Doreen has been teaching since 1987 and has released several books - Flowers in Needlepoint Lace, Needlepoint Lace in the Town and Needlepoint Lace in the Countryside, unfortunately the books are now out of print .Several designs are now available in kit format and are listed below.

Doreen is now on a full time basis teaching throughout the UK and Canada. Many pieces of her work though can be seen on display and exhibited in Finland, Canada and at the Zele Needle Lace school in Belgium.

All kits have the fabric, wires included but threads for the projects will need to be purchased separately.

Dragonfly at Rest $36.95 (beginner kit)
A simple design of a Stumpwork dragonfly made seperately and then stitched into place.

The Apoethecary's Shop $42.50
Stumpwork techniques applied with all pieces made seperately then stitched onto a background. Other materials are  used and are included in the kit.

Friendship Sampler $29.95
With the chart you receive an  envelope that contains a note worked over one thread saying "Friends are Forever".

Tudor Cottage

Yeoman at the Guard (Beefeater) $42.50
A Stumpwork figure.


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