November 2020

This Week - November 23rd

As of Monday November 23rd, Gitta's in-store shopping is closed to customers per the new Peel region lockdown.
We will still be accepting and fulfilling online and phone orders, as well as conducting curbside pick ups.

New in the shop this week, we have some Just Cross Stitch managazines, Mirabilia, Mill Hill Treasures, and Mill Hill kits!

4 Snowflakes $6.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Victorian Snowflake $14.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Aqua Mist Snowflake $14.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Pearl Snowflake $14.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Crystal Snowflake $14.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Golden Snowflake $14.95

Beaded Holiday Collection
Opal Ice Snowflake $14.95

Starlet $27.95

Just Cross Stitch
July/August 2020 $14.95

Just Cross Stitch
September/October 2020

This Week - November 16th

Is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? Just over a month away and we're trying to prepare for what we'll be allowed to do.

New in the shop this week, is a lovely Scissor, Textile Heritage kits, and Riolis kits!
Also recently added are cross stitch kits and stamped kits from RTO, as well as new Diamond Crafts, Collection D'art Needlepoint kits, and thread accessories!

DCS013 $19.95

DCS017 $19.95

DCS016 $19.95

DCS014 $19.95

DCS015 $19.95

Cozy Penquin $16.95
(6.8cm x 10.5cm)

Jolly Reindeer $16.95
(9.5cm x 11.2cm)

Pirate Ship $16.95
(9.8cm x 12.7cm)

Starry Penguin $16.95
(7.8cm x 11.7cm)

Werewolf Eyes $19.95
(17cm x 6.8cm)

Owl Eyes $19.95
(17cm x 6.8cm)

Wolf Eyes $19.95
(17cm x 6.8cm)

Frog $16.95
(10.2cm x 9.5cm)

Shark $16.95
(11.7cm x 9.6cm)

Owl $16.95
(10.2cm x 10.2cm)

Owl $14.95

Duck $14.95

Turtle $14.95

Sailboat $14.95

Grapes & Roses $56.95
(30cm x 80cm)

Elephant $14.95

Dolphin $14.95

Lion $14.95

Irises $12.95

Bluebells $12.95

House by the River $29.95
(37cm x 49cm)

Pines $29.95
(28cm x 41cm)

Winter Sunset $22.95
(16cm x 38cm)

Titmouse Birds $19.95
(16cm x 38cm)

Birds $32.95
(34cm x 34cm)

Autumn $56.95
(30cm x 77cm)

Peonies $64.95
(34.5cm x 27cm)

Rabbit and Butterfly $48.95
(30cm x 35cm)

Hydrangea & Raspberry $79.95
(34cm x 37cm)

Scottish Thistle $64.95
(26.5cm x 29cm)

Fushia $54.95
(A14, WA, Beads) (Finished size 40cm x 30cm)

French Lavender $42.95
(A14, WA) (Finished size 25cm x 25cm)

Winter Evening $79.95
(A14, AC) (Finished size 41cm x 23cm)

Painted Dog $7.95

Chrysanthemum $54.95
(A14,WA) (Finished size 30cm x 40cm)

Santorini $92.95
(A14, AC) (Finished size 40cm x 30cm)

Wisteria $42.95
(A14, WA) (Finished size 30cm x 40cm)

Under My Umbrella $48.95
(A14, AC, WA) (Finished size 25cm x 25cm)

Magic Owl $62.95
(A14, WA) (Finished size 21cm x 30cm)

In the Meadow $74.95
(A14, WA) (Finished size 40cm x 30cm)

Tiger Lilies $79.95
(A14, AC) (Finished size 25 x 33cm)

Pink Poppies $74.95
(A14, AC) (Finished size 25cm x 33cm)

Celtic Knot

Butterflies & Buddleia

Wildflowers $134.95
(30cm x 45cm)

Bears, Cones and Deer $34.95
(A14, WA) (Finished size 21cm x 30cm)

7734 Magnetic Scissor Keep $9.95

Celtic Knot


Scottish Piper

This Week - November 9th

This week, we remember those who have sacrificed themselves Canada. We are called upon to do the same now, to protect Canadians,
by staying healthy and preventing the spread of Covid-19. It is hard, but others have gone through much worse to protect us all.

New in the shop this week are a darling pattern from Jeannette Douglas, and Needlepoint Canvases, Needlepoint Kits, and
Cross Stitch Kits from Collection D'Art, as well as their new category Diamond Crafts!

Swans & Iris $99.95
48cm x 38cm

Peony Colour $99.95
48cm x 38cm

Poppies by the Lake $99.95
48cm x 38cm

White Bears $54.95
19cm x 27cm

Squirrel Pup $74.95
38cm x 27cm

Sovereign of Lightning $99.95
38cm x 49cm

Cat Morning $99.95
48cm x 38cm

Red Sails $99.95
38cm x 49cm

Owl $74.95
38cm x 27cm

Seahorse $19.95

Dragon $19.95

Bee $19.95

Sailboat $19.95

Turtle $19.95

Crocodile $19.95

Chameleon $19.95

Helicopter $19.95

Frog $19.95

Strawberries $19.95

Lemons $19.95

Oranges $19.95

Cherries $19.95

Curious Puppy $19.95

Violin and Rose $19.95

Tender Rose I $59.95

Tender Rose II $59.95

Lily of the Valley I $59.95

Lily of the Valley II $59.95

Street of Bloomy Trees $59.95

Bloomy Trees $59.95

Fall into Autumn chart $13.95

St George $28.95

Betsy in the Meadow $28.95

Evening Dance $28.95

English Cottage Garden $49.95

Poppy fields $49.95

Building a Sandcastle $49.95

Sunflower Fields $49.95

Hollyhock Garden $49.95

Girl with Pearl Earring $64.95

Majestic Wilderness $84.95

This Week - November 2nd

This week, we have a new page on the website for Beginner Needlepoint! We also have new Trammed kits!

Triceratops $48.95
(Kit includes printed 10ct canvas, matte cotton, and needle)
(Discontinued - 2 Remaining)

Floral Cushion $149.95
14" x 14"

Wild Roses & Daisies $149.95
16" x 16"

Tyranosaure $48.95
(Kit includes printed 10ct canvas, matte cotton, and needle)
(Discontinued - 2 Remaining)

Floral Wreath $94.95
12" x 12" (canvas size 30" x 30")

Tiffany Magnolia $139.95
(18/18 inch)

Tiffany Poppies $139.95
(18/18 inch)

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