June 2020

This Week - June 29th

Short and sweet update this week! We have a new Christmas Stocking and Wedding Design!
The cart error has also been fixed for the stockings update from 3 weeks ago.

Santa's Truck Stocking $54.95

Two Hearts Wedding Record $69.95
(STAMPED design size 11" x 14")

This Week - June 15th

If you missed it on our social, we are now open by appointment!
Come into the store for an hour to stretch your stitching legs, book your appointment here!
Orders from our suppliers are starting to come in, and we just received the new Stoney Creek magazine, as well as patterns from
Prairier Schooler, Little House Needleworks, Shepherd's Bush, Erica Michaels, Hands on Design, Waxing Moon,
Silver Creek Samplers, and Blackbird Designs, and Victoria Sampler!

I Love My Cat Sampler $28.95
I Love My Cat Accessory Pack $82.95
by Victoria Sampler

2020 Santa $8.95
by Prairie Schooler

Charlotte's Berries $24.95
by Erica Michaels

Be True to Your Heart $16.95
by Shepherd's Bush

Saltbox Scriptures $17.95
by Little House Needleworks

Haunted House Trio $15.95
by Waxing Moon

Halloween Critter Trio $15.95
by Waxing Moon

Be A Pineapple $20.95
by Hands on Design

My Christmas List $26.95
by Silver Creek Samplers

Stoney Creek - Spring 2020 $14.95

Come Into My Garden $32.95
by Blackbird Designs

This Week - June 8th

This week we're thinking about Christmas! I know, I know, it's only June - but the earlier you begin, the more time you have to finish!
Check out these new Christmas Stockings and Dimensions Christmas kits!

Holiday Home Stocking $49.95

Peace on Earth Stocking $44.95

A Treasured Time $78.95
Design Size 16" x 12"

Jolly Trio stocking $54.95

Secret Santa Stocking $82.95

Snowman & Friends Stocking $72.95

This Week - June 1st

The weather is finally getting nice, and we all want to go out - but we at Gitta's are still not quite ready to open our doors.
Please be patient with us as we find a solution to this dilemma, and in the meantime, we are doing our best to keep up with orders.
Thank you all so much for continuing to shop with us and keeping us going during these difficult times.

New in the shop this week, we have many lovely Mill Hills kits and Mirabilia designs, as well as the ever-growing Stardust Line from Silk & Ivory!

Princess Elliana $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Pumpkin Tree $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Cafe Mocha $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Water Pump $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Haunted Lantern $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Tree of Life $27.95

Button & Beads Series
Espresso $27.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Hippie Pumpkin $14.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Persian Pumpkin $14.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Autumn Pumpkin $14.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Sunflower Pumpkin $14.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Glowing Pumpkin $14.95

Painted Pumpkins Charmed Ornaments
Bewitching Pumpkin $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Come Stitch $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Pumpkin Trio $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Webster $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Gobble Gobble $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Moonlit Owl $14.95

Autumn Harvest Collection
Red Cap Mushroom $14.95

502 White $9.95

511 Really Red $9.95

512 Black

525 Emerald $9.95

531 Midnight $9.95

534 Candlelight $9.95

550 Watermelon $9.95

573 Pink Cow

594 Margarita $9.95

599 Cucumber $9.95

606 Blue Yonder

611 Pink Lemonade $9.95

615 Marigold $9.95

647 Carnation $9.95

651 Bacchus $9.95

659 Beryl $9.95

664 Ramblin' Rose $9.95

694 Petunia $9.95

712 Toast $9.95

716 Marmalade $9.95

717 Pewter $9.95

736 Regatta $9.95

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