October 2020

This Week - October 26th

Another quick update before the month is done! New this week are patterns from Hands on Design, Heart in Hand,
Country Cottage Needleworks, Cottage Garden Samplery, With Thy Needle & Thread, and Lila's Studio!

We are also no longer ordering direct from Bent Creek. Listed on their page is our remaining stock. We can special order any Bent Creek patterns listed on Hoffmandis

Fa La La Mingo $10.95

Flamingle Bells $10.95

Flamingo All The Way $10.95

Halloween Sampler II $22.95

Christmas Sampler II $22.95

Merry Christmas $18.95

Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm $20.95

Sweet Treats $28.95

Wee Santa 2020 $14.95

Spirit of Christmas Set 1 $22.95

Spirit of Christmas Set 2 $22.95

Season's Blessings $19.95

This Week - October 19th

Less than a week until Halloween - we just want to say, please listen to your municipality's advice when it comes to celebrating this year.
Stay safe, and have fun! It won't always be like this, so let's do our best to help stop the spread of COVID.

New in the shop this week, we have a gorgeous hoop by Anchor, new gadgets, and new kits from
Design Works, Janlynn, and Dimensions cross stitch and needlepoint!

Bouquet on Black $79.95
(14" x 14" on 14ct canvas)

Shell Collage $21.95
(5" x 5")

Beach Chair Duo $21.95
(5" x 5")

Eagle Harbor Light $42.95
(9" x 12" on 14ct Aida)

The Art of Tea $49.95
(9" x 12" on 14 count Aida)

Wedding Day $21.95
(5" x 7" on 14ct Aida)

Anchor Heart Shaped Hoop White $7.95
6" x 7"

Dritz Snag Nab-It Tool $4.95

Beach Signs $58.95
(11" x 18" on 14 count Aida)

This Week - October 5th

Halloween is almost upon us! We haven't quite figured out how we'll be handing out treats this year, but at least the treats at Gitta's are easy to get!
This week we have new Threaders and Needle Nannies from Puffin & Co!

Needle Nanny - Fall Kitty $22.95

Needle Nanny - Teapot $22.95

Needle Nanny - Merry Block $22.95

Needle Nanny - Pinwheel Flower $22.95

Needle Nanny - Tulip $22.95

Needle Nanny - Candy Corn $22.95

Needle Nanny - Mini Owl $16.95

Needle Nanny - Mini Ghost $16.95

Needle Nanny - Dove $22.95

Mini Needle Threaders

Owl Micro Needle Threader $15.95

Candy Corn Micro Needle Threader $15.95

Ghost Micro Needle Threader $15.95

Hen Micro Needle Threader $15.95

Thimble Micro Needle Threader $15.95

Long Eye Needle Threaders

Candy Corn Needle Threader $15.95

Ghost Needle Threader $15.95

Kitty Needle Threader $15.95

Hen Needle Threader $15.95

Owl Needle Threader $15.95

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