September 2020

This Week - September 28th

We've met so many new faces in the shop this year, and want to extend a warm welcome to them all!
It has been a pleasure to talk stitching with new faces and with those new to the craft itself!
In the shop this week is a new Unique Plastic Hoop!

Unique Plastic Embroidery Hoop
4in $5.50
6in $5.95
8in $6.50

This Week - September 14th

This week is a Stoney Creek week! We have their new magazine, as well as new leaflets, books, and Patterns of the Month!
We did also get in new patterns from Imaginating, Heartstring Samplery, Littleh House Needleworks, Blackbird Designs, Mirabilia,
Shepherd's Bush, Lila's Studio, and new designer Hello from Liz Mathews!

Christmas Wizard $12.95

Quaker Pumpkins $26.95

Small Gift $12.95

Floating Friends $12.95

Friends & Family Gather Here $12.95

Flanders Fields Biscornu $17.95

Months of the Year $41.95

Sweet Summer Come Again $15.95

Miss Dancing Flower $27.95

Winter Notes $14.95
Winter Notes Button pack $9.95

All Hallows' Eve $19.95

2020 Christmas Ornaments Issue $18.95

Stoney Creek - Summer 2020 $14.95

Break Time $14.95

All Is Bright $14.95

Sign From Heaven $14.95

Kisses From Heaven $14.95

Jack-O-Lantern $6.95

Haunting Night $6.95

Happy Halloween $6.95

Wedding Blessing $12.95

Christmas Reflections $14.95

A Haunting Good Time $12.95

This Week - September 7th

This week we have new threads from Dinky Dyes, and patterns from Little Dove Designs, Faby Reilly, Long Dog, Shannon Christine Designs,
and a new designer page for Vetty Creations!

July 1st $18.95

Solar System $24.95

Sardinian Knotted Embroidery: Whitework from Teulada $49.95

Excuse the Mess $24.95

Craft Room $24.95

Rustic Christmas $24.95

Lizzie Wedding Sampler $24.95

A Stitch for all Seasons - Winter $21.95

Pavane For These Times $35.95

A Stitch for all Seasons - Spring $21.95

A Stitch for all Seasons - Summer $21.95

A Stitch for all Seasons - Autumn $21.95

286 Harvest

287 Windrose

Heart of Winter $21.95

282 Serenity

284 Morning Glory

285 Night Sky

This Week - September 1st

With school starting across the country, we just want to remind everyone to stay safe out there!
New in the shop this week are patterns from Jeannette Douglas, Dimensions, Christmas Stockings, Bucilla,
and new items in Bibs, Gadgets, and Needles and Threaders!

Cross stitch Key $19.95

Complete Cross Stitch Gauge $12.95

Punch Needle Threader $14.95

Llama Stocking $58.95

Drink Tea Bookmark (set of 2) $19.95

Charles Craft Quilted Bib $16.95

The Dolphin's Domain $46.95
(10" x 14" on 14ct Aida)

Sweet Cow $49.95
(12" x 12" on 14ct Aida)

Reindeer & Hedgehog Stocking $58.95

Halloween Sampler $26.95

The Common Thread 2 $29.95
Embellishment Pack $108.95

Sunlit Fox $56.95
(14" x 11" on 14ct Aida)

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