As there are many wonderful canvas work designers available to you.
We will list many of these designers for you and feature a few of each designers work on this page.


Desert Island Stitches Vol 1. $48.95
Ideas for Small Spaces

Desert Island Stitches Vol 2 48.95
Ideas for Creative Borders

Painted Canvas Embellishment: An Idea Book - $52.95


Bargello Scissor fobs $15.00

Rust-Cream $15.00

Surf-Sand $15.00

Purple $15.00

Green-Black $15.00

Black-Red $15.00

Monthly Stockings

Historic Handworkes

October's Stocking $9.95

be sure to check out Historic Handworkes Samplers for more of their designs
Forest Glen - chart pack $9.95

Meadow Grass - chart pack $9.95
Thurston - chart pack $9.95
(a Frame weight of bean bag toy)

XOctagon #7 - chart pack $9.95

XOctagon #8 - chart pack $9.95
The Patterned Tent $29.95
(28 page chart pack contains 5 project instructions and 149 stitch patterns using only the Tent Stitch)

Not Exactly Blackwork $29.95
(31 page chart pack with 9 projects and 126 stitch diagrams)

Bargello Samplers $29.95
(25 page chart pack includes photographs and instructions for 12 samplers and 52 bargello patterns)

Catherine Coleman, Northern Pine Designs, Jean Hilton to name a few!

Although one of Ietje's earlier designs created in 1995. This design has received much notoriety and award for its classic look!

Book   $ 45.00


Canvas ( Eggshell) with Drawn Outline    $ 35.00

Orna Willis gorgeous designs are complete with pattern , threads and canvas and various colour schemes. 

Sunflower   $ 37.95

Linda Lachance of Northern Pine Designs is an accomplished canvaswork designer who has a wide variety of designs. We currently carry Linda's complete line but check out a few of our favorites

Ebb Tide   $ 10.00
Surf and Sand ( companion to Ebb Tide)  $ 10.00
Love Letters   $ 10.00
Iris Stained Glass window   $ 12.00

Carolyn Mitchell Designs

be sure to check out Carolyn Mitchell for more of her designs

City Walks   $ 26.95


In My Wildest Dreams  $49.95


Analogous - Fusion Study 1  $22.95

Laura J Perin Canvaswork Designs

be sure to check out Laura Perin for more of her designs

Bearded Iris Collage  $ 23.95

Blue Bonnet Collage  $ 23.95

California Poppy Collage  $ 23.95


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