January 2019

This Week - January 27st

This week we have new Needle Threaders from Dritz and a new Thread Organizer from Pako.
In addition we have new leaflets from Victoria Sampler!

Gingerbread Mice $19.95
Accessory Pack $48.95

Gingerbread Hollow $19.95
Accessory Pack $48.95

Hummingbird needle threader $6.95

Deluxe Needle Threader $7.95

Pako Needle Organizer $39.95

This Week - January 21st

I can't believe January is already almost over. There's lots of behind the scenes planning keeping us very busy, as this year,
our webmasters are getting married! It's been a long wait, and everyone is eager to see the couple hitched.
In other news, new this week to the store are gorgeous patterns from Cottage Garden, Rosewood Manor, Waxing Moon, Sue Hillis,
Country Cottage Needleworks
, With Thy Needle & Thread, Blackberry Lane, Imaginating, and Shephard's Bush!

Rustic Wedding $10.95

Merry Notes $14.95

Lois' Stocking $16.95

Glitter House 3 $10.95

Candy Cane Wishes $20.95

At Home for Christmas $20.95

101 Alphabets $58.95

Search The Sky $12.95

Bringing Home the Tree $17.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.5
Bluebird of Happiness $15.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.6
Summer Bliss $15.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.7
Have Faith $15.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.2
Merry & Bright $15.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.3
Winter Wisdom $15.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.4
Promise of Spring $15.95

Christmas Sampler $18.95

Valentine Sampler $18.95

The Songbird Garden Series No.1
Forever & Ever $15.95

This Week - January 1st

Happy New Year everyone! Much love and best wishes for you all in this new year. The holiday season is over, and that means its back to work!
This week, we have new designs from Hands on Design, and Tiny Modernist! Be sure to check those out, as well as the new line of
Crystal Aida, Linen, and Lugana from Picture This Plus!

December Cardinal Biscornu $6.95

Gnome for the Holidays $12.95

Vintage Christmas Signs $12.95

November $6.95

December $6.95

A Year of Celebration $31.95
(includes 14 patterns)


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