May 2019

This Week - May 27th

This week sees new patterns from the lovely Solaria Gallery!

Half Dome Yosemite Valley $28.95
260W x 170H stitches

The Girl with Book $22.95
160W x 220H stitches

Farmyard Scene with Horses $28.95
260W x 170H stitches

Small Bouquet of Poppies and Daisies $16.95
120W x 160H stitches

This Week - May 20th

This week sees new patterns from Erica Michaels, PINN, Ink Circles, Prairie Schooler, Little House Needleworks,
Mirabilia, Imaginating, and new designer Madame Chantilly!

Fall Blessings $10.95

The Lord's Blessing $10.95

Elephant Baby $10.95

Let's Believe $10.95

Let's Find Rudolf $10.95

Snow Friends $10.95

Let's Share Wine & Cheese $10.95

Autumn Sweatshirt $10.95

Aprile Dolce Dormire $24.95

Prairie Birds $21.95

Balsam Fir $10.95
Jack Frost's Tree Farm #4

Winter Love $26.95

By Any Other Name $19.95

Quaker Berry - with Silk gauze $27.95

Bird Park - Macaws $15.95

The 12 Berries of Christmas
(Part 1- Days 1,2,&3) 25.95

Sampler Berry -Linen Collection $15.95

My Needle Berry -Linen Collection $15.95

This Week - May 5th

This week sees new patterns from Kustom Krafts and Tiny Modernist! Make sure to check out their Stitch-A-Long page too.

Power of the Pack $21.95

Moose $21.95

Devoted Soulmates $21.95

Happy Nappers $21.95

Fairy Biscornu $6.95

Easter House Stitch-A-Long
Complete Set $20.95

Part 3 of 13 $3.95

Part 4 of 13 $3.95

This Week - May 1st

Where is the year going? Every time I turn around another month has passed!
This week we have new Stoney Creek patterns and magazine! In addition, we have new patterns from Telling Emblem, Little House Needleworks,
Ink Circles, La-D-Da, Plum Street Samplers, Erica Michaels, Hands on Design, Sue Hillis, and new designer page The Blue Flower!

Autumn Squirrel $13.95

Spring Squirrel $13.95

Winter Squirrel $13.95

Old Irish Blessing $29.95
(includes a piece of 40ct. silk gauze)

The Most Wonderful Time $19.95

Spring Acorns $10.95

Quilting Bee $13.95

More Chocolate Bunnies $15.95

You Had Me at Flamingo $15.95

Woof Block Party $16.95

Meow Block Party $16.95

Winter ABC's $14.95

Spring ABC's $14.95

Family Fun $10.95
Jack Frost's Tree Farm #3

B is for Bunny $19.95

Let's Talk Baby $10.95

Forest Baby Birth Record $10.95

Yellow Polka Dot Bikweenie $16.95

Happy Haunting $6.95
Button Set $9.95

Trick-Treat $6.95
Button Set $7.95

Stoney Creek - Spring 2019 $14.95

Fruit Square Sampler $28.95

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