August 2021

This Week - August 15th

It's been a Stoney Creek kind of week! We've got the new magazine, as well as leaflets and patterns of the month!

Stoney Creek - Summer 2021 $14.95

Bank of Boos $6.95

Haunted Hotel $6.95

Witches' Brew $6.95

Wicked Stitches $6.95

Franky $6.95

Bat Crazy $6.95

Little Bite $6.95

This Week - August 10th

It's that time of year - Christmas planning time! We have new items from Mill Hill, Mirablia, Shepherds Bush, and Books!
In addition, we are ordering the ADVENT CALENDAR again! We are ordering this week. If you've already spoken to us on social, we have you marked down.

Sew & Quilt Advent Calendar $49.95

A Cross-Stitch Christmas
Handcrafted Holiday $59.95

Busy Notes $13.95

Twisted Mermaids $27.95

Rocking Reindeer $15.95

Holiday Wishes $15.95

Joy, Hope, Love $15.95

Letters to Santa $15.95

Santa Paws $15.95

Foxy $15.95

Holiday Ride $27.95

Cafe Grande $27.95
(Christmas Village)

Good Night Santa $27.95

Christmas Morning Santa $17.95

Christmas Giving Santa $17.95

Christmas Memories Santa $17.95

Spring Key $15.95

Autumn Key $15.95

Winter Key $15.95


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